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HELLO! We are Design Qandy

A technology based luxury home design company that understands the importance of finding your own style and matching your personality with unique surroundings. With technology at the core, our team of internationally trained design professionals, aim to consciously craft each project – from conceptualization to the finishing details – bringing to your home delightful design.

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Our Story

Home is where our story begins

Coming home is a beautiful feeling and so is designing a home. Yet, the mere thought of going through the entire ordeal troubles us. Ideas, planning, budgeting, finalizing the designs, material selection, quality checks, execution… all seems never-ending and complicated.

Design Qandy was born from the realization that the beautiful process of designing a space can be made inspiring and experiential.

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Design Qandy - Our Story

Our Mission

To be a technology-driven, start-to-finish design & execution solutions company, made for a well-traveled citizen.

Our Vision

To be a reference in innovation and technology within the category, along with exceptional customer experience and tasteful global design.