We are artists, designers, storytellers, enthralled by imaginations yet to be unveiled, crafting poetic spaces verse by verse.

Design Manifesto

For those who think Design is a revolution, we imagine differently. A second-nature, an itch that keeps you awake through the longest hours, days, nights, weeks and months to the end? Perhaps. A yearning, an unending love affair, a thirst to create, glorifying walls to be made, remade and broken, a cycle repeated with dutiful diligence until it becomes someone's reason to celebrate victories and failures in the same breath as the drone of monotony and the chirp of epiphany? Possibly.

Perhaps, design is the invincible power of dreams dreamt together while the translucency of floor plans orchestrate the endless lists of imagined people who would someday tiptoe and waltz across the hallways we bring to life for moments to be frozen in memories made in spaces built for those whose lives are designed to become history.

The magic of conversation, harmony, perpetuity and glory, the four needles for a time-teller called design. Design isn't a revolution, necessarily. It’s the conjunction of our arteries and our artistry.

Design Qandy. We, who make just the difference.

The Steps towards Crafting Timeless Spatial Designs

“Where homes become canvases for the soul,
And spaces shaped into poetry, brim with life's endless promise.”

Design Team


Tomaso Schiaffino

Creative Director

Trained in Italy by masters like Rodolfo Dordoni and Denis Santachiara before starting his own practice, Tomaso leads our Design Team. With an extensive experience of about 25 years, Tomaso has worked with several renowned companies including Campeggi, Foscarini, Guzzini, Annibale Colombo and Bellaria Design. His love for design also made him get into university teaching for Interiors and Product Design courses at reputed Italian institutes like University of Venice, University of Milan Polytechnic, Scuola Politecnica di Design and European Institute of Design.

Snehal Chavan

Senior Interior Designer

Snehal honed her passion at Rachana Sansad and holds a Master’s Degree in Interior Design from Florence Design Academy, Italy. She brings her unparalleled design sensibilities to Design Qandy, cultivated over the better part of a decade, in crafting distinct sanctuaries for the discerning.

Avani Vaidya

Senior Interior Designer

Avani, equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s in Interior Design from Italy, possesses a profound understanding of both disciplines. In a short span of time, her illustrious career has seen her spearhead the design and execution of several extraordinary spaces across India.

Leonardo Salzedo

Senior Product Designer

With a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from Scuola Italiana Design, Padova and a Specialisation in Sustainable Design from Iuav, Venice, Leonardo has about 20 years of experience in Industrial and Product Design. He has worked as Design Director for the MNC Tarkett in Sweden and has designed restaurants for O’Leary’s, a Swedish chain of sport bars and restaurants. Over the span of his career, Leonardo has worked with renowned brands like Electrolux, Sony Ericsson, Absolut Vodka, Casall among others.

Rafaela Vieira

Senior Product Designer

Hailing originally from Florianópolis, Brazil, Designer Rafaela is presently based between Milan and Mumbai. She holds Product Design degrees from Instituto Marangoni and Politechnico di Milano. With over decade's experience, Rafaela has contributed her creative vision to cross-disciplinary design studios across Brazil and Italy, partnering with leading international brands.

Core Team


Chinmay Shah

Head of Finance

As a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, Chinmay Shah brings over a decade's experience across financial reporting, auditing, compliance, planning, treasury, and capital structure. With an impressive stint at a Blackstone Group company under his belt, Chinmay oversees investor relations, strategic visioning and policy making at Design Qandy. He also drives essential fiscal functions such as budgeting and financial planning firm-wide.

Shruti Jedhiya

Head of Human Resources

Shruti brings over 12 years of Human Resources expertise cultivated through leading major conglomerates like Aditya Birla Financial Services, Principal Financial Services and Woori Bank. Her experience strengthened her capabilities in strategic planning and execution. At Design Qandy, Shruti oversees critical aspects of People Strategy in terms of manpower planning, performance, training and talent development to optimize efficiency and results.

Shubhi Tewari

Head of Marketing

Shubhi Tewari is a marketing and strategy major from IIM, Indore. At Design Qandy, she leads the company's marketing and brand outreach. Her prior experience at The Quarry has empowered her with extensive knowledge of the country's HNI and UHNI clientele. Shubhi is a keen learner and loves exploring the expanding luxury market.