A powerful team of award-winning architects from India, UK, USA and Italy is waiting for you.

We have decades of expertise in design, architecture, interiors, superior customer service and intelligent technology.

From conceptualisation to execution we curate every single detail for you.

You have the world’s best furniture brands at your fingertips.

Based on your Style Test results we match you with our best designer.

We have high standards for execution and quality checks.

We take complete ownership of a project and provide 100% transparency.

With real time tracking our designers and contractors ensure meeting timelines.

Mumbai based designers are trained to maximize the quality of small spaces with good design, functionality and aesthetics.

Strong community of young designers with international education and work experience have established big setups in Mumbai.

Design events and exhibitions in Mumbai give a constant understanding of the latest trends and technologies.

Some of India’s best interior designers, architects, product designers and contractors are based in Mumbai.